Party Info

Pricing: Rooms A or B are $100/hr per room. 1/2hr increments after the first hour. Max 12 kids.

Configuration C is $200/hr with minimum booking of 1.5 hours. Max 25 kids.

Basic Rental: Includes access to your private room as well as the store/interactive play areas. There will be sections for free play lego in each private room as well. This will be self-guided, there will be instructional builds in the near future.


-55" T.V. with choice of video game system or video player. $20/hr

-Mascot Click! Have our mascot appear at the party for 15 mins for interaction and photo opportunities. $25 Flat Fee.

-Build-your-own Mini-Fig. $3 each.

-Wheel Rentals for race track. $3 each set.

-Party Pack: 

        16- Beverage Napkins

        16- Lunch Napkins

        16- 7" Plates

        16- 9" Plates

        16- Cups

        16- Fork/Knife/Spoon Combo

        1- Table Cover

   Total $30 package, then add $15 for sets of 8.  

-More add-ons to come.

Waivers will need to be signed for each person.

Food: Bring your own. However I will have a discount available at Randy's Pizza and it will be the exclusive Pizza of Build-A-Block.