Press Release


Date: Oct 6, 2017 

RE: Sackville Entrepreneur rebuilds life by opening LEGO Retail and Party store  

Build-A-Block Retail and Parties is set to open this fall at 619 Sackville Drive. 

The store will feature like-new LEGO sets that are not easily found in most retail stores and will feature the largest LEGO collection in Atlantic Canada. It will be an interactive space where customers can build their own creation and pay based on weight and size of what they build. The main feature of the business will be the LEGO themed birthday parties. It will be a build-your-own concept with add-ons based around what the consumer wants. Everything from catering, decorations, build kits with instructions, multimedia entertainment, and even the stores very own mascot Click! 

Local entrepreneur Troy Keats says this concept came from a time where he was suffering from anxiety and depression and was doing some soul searching on how to rebuild his work life. 

"I was spending long hours at work and spending time away from my family and my mental health was really suffering. I knew I had to rebuild my life and do something meaningful." Says Troy Keats, owner and operator of Build-A-Block. " I love how Lego suits all walks of life and I am excited to bring it to the community. I just want everyone to feel welcome and included." 

Keats will be adding features to accommodate handicap access as well as adding quiet and low stimulation time slots for children with special needs such as autism.  

The store is set to open Nov 4 and will start taking bookings immediately for birthday parties and special events.  

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